Finance & Human Resources

Solvent & Stable

The welfare and stability of our consumers is our highest priority at Southeastern Developmental Services.  


The Finance Department is responsible to ensure the sound and efficient function of the agency’s activities.  We manage the budget and the implementation of all financial activities to maintain the flow of our organization.


We are additionally responsible to ensure the financial education of our management staff to make sure that they are able to manage their individual department’s budgets and financial affairs. 


We provide assistance and long range planning and forecasts.  Although it is each department’s responsibility to manage and execute their annual spending in accordance with the budget directive, the Finance Department ensures the operation of an efficient budget year.  We are always there to help and assist managers and directors.  


In maintaining sound financial principals, we feel confident that we are able to ensure the continued support of our consumers, families and staff.  Should you have any questions regarding our finance department please feel free to email me!

As Manager of Human Resources, Nikki oversees the workmen’s compensation claims. This has been a rewarding experience for Nikki to assist the injured employee through the process and returning to work.  SDS takes prides in their fair labor hiring and provides specialized training to prepare employees to perform at optimum level on the job. As HR Manager, Nikki coaches managers through the hiring process, benefits, workmen’s compensation system and at times the disciplinary guidelines

Nikki McDowell
Finance/HR Director