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Day Program

Tackling the Issue

Southeastern Developmental Services offers Educational activities through a Day Program.  These activities include developing gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive stimulation, daily living skills, and safety skills.  Consumers are learning cooking skills, character skills such as self esteem, and anger management.  They have learned about volcanoes, the History of Thanksgiving, fire safety, good manners, nutrition, and many other interesting subjects.  The Day Program works to help consumers have a happy, fulfilling life, which is mentally and physically stimulating.  



The Day program also offers mobile work crews employed throughout the community.  The goal is to offer community employment to as many consumers as possible.  The Day Program partners with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist with achieving consumer employment goals.  Day Program staff supplements the work experience with trainings to help maintain and enhance vocational skills.  

SDS strives to meet the needs of the “whole” person balancing both work and fun.  By offering fishing outings, trips to Garden City Zoo, picnics with games, swimming, relaxing hikes, farm visits and playing on a softball leagues. It is the goal of the Day Program to provide consumers a stimulating program in both learning, physical, emotion activities and employment, so that consumers have a rich fulfilling, life. 

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