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Transportation Services


Southeastern Developmental Services has sixteen vehicles and two buses in their fleet.  These vehicles are used for client transportation and out of town meetings.  The maintenance department handles all scheduling aspects for these vehicles.  They also ensure that the vehicles are serviced and in safe operating condition.  


A fleet of 18 vehicles provides transportation from home to program, job sites, individual appointments, and for recreational activities.  Transportation is estimated to average 350-400+ miles per day due to the large geographical areas of the three and one half county service area offered.  Prowers County Transit (PATS) began services in 2000 and we are collaborating services for regular and specialized transportation needs.



There are two full time staff and one part time staff in the maintenance department.  Maintenance is responsible for all our homes and main facility.  Their goal is to provide safe well maintained homes that make our clients proud.  Keeping up with the daily wear on our homes keeps the maintenance crew busy. 

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